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Tape recorder SHARP WF-939ZP(BK)

  Tape recorder SHARP WF-939ZP(BK)

Explanation: Sharp WF-939 ZP(BK) model for radio operation on Soviet frequencies.

Sticker with the inscription on the cover of the cassette deck: POLAR "Stereo VHF in the Soviet range."

- Sharp WF-939ZP(BK) with two speakers.
-Regular Sharp demo cassette.
-Original instruction in Russian + English languages. It is currently out of service and in storage. Regulators and tuning knobs without rustles and overtones, smooth and mobile. Very clean, high-quality, "live" sound without impurities of backgrounds, rattling, extraneous sounds, crackles, ringing, deafness, etc.
The pre-sale inspection did not reveal any deficiencies. And the apiaries and rollers, etc., are working. *Brief functions: clock; music; radio; 2 cassettes; timer; connection to external devices - player, CD player, external amplifier. Main technical data /from the original manual/:
- Output power: 200W (100+100) - AC.
-Input impedance /i.e. resistance /-600 Ohm for an external microphone; 50 kΩ for turntable, input line and CD player.
- Input impedance of outdoor transducer: 8-32 ohm headphone; 8-16 ohm for external audio speakers; 0.6/50 kΩ for input line.
- Tape recorder: compact - cassette with magnetic tape with reproducible frequency bands from 30-15000 Hz to 30-17000 Hz (see frequency details in the instructions); signal-to-noise ratio: 55 dB (for reproduction by block 1), signal-to-noise ratio: 50 dB (for reproduction by block 2).
-Radio receiver: perceived frequency range:
MW: 526.5 kHz - 1606.5 kHz;
HF -1: 2.3 MHz - 7.3 MHz-;
HF - 2: 7.3 MHz - 22 MHz;
FM: 64.0 MHz - 74 MHz.
-Acoustic system, sound speakers - 6 heads of different frequencies
- Impedance - 8 ohms.
-Input power -100W.
- Power supply - / the cord on a network 220v is applied / or batteries 6 pieces. size D to 9 V (large round batteries, type "Cosmos")
- Dimensions: 680 x 250 x 180 mm (W x H x D)
- Weight (without batteries) -9.3 kg.

The product is not guaranteed.

The price is not the highest on the market, but not the cheapest either. The product is in good cosmetic condition and the worker becomes more expensive every year despite the already quite significant past years of its production and era.

Therefore, the decision to purchase this equipment is yours.

Additionally, upon request, we can make more necessary photos and videos of the operation of the radio. We will pack the device well and send it to you by the courier service you have chosen.

By purchasing such equipment from us, you give your informed consent to the terms and conditions you have read above. We look forward to your shopping with us.

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Tape recorder SHARP WF-939ZP(BK)
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Tape recorder SHARP WF-939ZP(BK)
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