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Tape recorder SHARP GF-800Z(D)

 Tape recorder SHARP GF-800Z(D)

We present to your attention a private collection of retro tape recorders "SHARP GF-800" on our website "Novodel Shop". Despite the rather past stage of time, this vintage technique is still popular and in demand among the population. Prices begin to grow from year to year, especially for equipment in more or less good condition with native packaging and documents.

The tape recorder is in perfect condition, without defects and flaws.
The GF-800 family, epoch-making for fans of Sharp radio tape recorders, appeared in 1985. The devices of this family were produced in various modifications and in different design solutions. A characteristic detail is the radio block diagram located in the center of the front panel, combined with LED mode indicators. The peak power of the GF-800 has increased to 52W (PMPO), the nominal power is 26W (RMS). Dimensions: 681 x 225 x 210 mm, weight - 8.8 kg. The model received a ten-band equalizer, and in the modification with the index "Z" - also a digital clock with a timer. Toggle switches have been replaced by push-button switches. Remained APSS and APLD, as well as support for films of the second and fourth types. Large round knobs for radio and volume settings have been replaced by a flat knurled wheel and separate sliders for two stereo channels. Two "stretched" radio bands of short waves returned. Auto recording level adjustment and high-speed copying.
All functions work (search by pauses, recording, hitchhiking, etc.) Radio receiver 88-108 MHz. Recording from the radio and from the cassette in two modes.

The product is not guaranteed. Still, more than 35 years have passed since the years of their release, but they have been serviced by us and all the parameters of this tape recorder are currently in normal working condition. After purchasing from us, further maintenance of this product is provided by you.

By purchasing such equipment from us, you give your informed consent to the terms and conditions you have read above. We look forward to your shopping with us.

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Tape recorder SHARP GF-800Z(D)
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Tape recorder SHARP GF-800Z(D)
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